1) N-COUNT: usu pl Your veins are the thin tubes in your body through which your blood flows towards your heart.
See also varicose vein

Many veins are found just under the skin.

2) N-COUNT: usu sing, with supp, usu adj N Something that is written or spoken in a particular vein is written or spoken in that style or mood.

It is one of his finest works in a lighter vein...

The girl now replies in similar vein.

3) N-COUNT: usu sing, with supp A vein of a particular quality is evidence of that quality which someone often shows in their behaviour or work.

The striker's rich vein of form this season has seen him net 32 goals...

This is perhaps the album's most abandoned track; venomous, with a vein of humour running right through it.

4) N-COUNT: N of n A vein of a particular metal or mineral is a layer of it lying in rock.

...a vein of copper.

...a rich and deep vein of limestone.

5) N-COUNT The veins on a leaf are the thin lines on it.

...the serrated edges and veins of the feathery leaves.

English dictionary. 2008.


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